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April 22, 2018 / 01:23
More than 3 years ago

Around Shaviv

The place I spent my teenage years was far from being aesthetic paradise. Actually, it was (and stays) a real slams. Municipality has some plans to take it all down and build a regular middle-class neighborhood. But right now, just as 20 years ago, these houses are still here. They are so ugly, that has even some kind of old charm.




Back then, this dispiriting landscape around wasn’t bothering me. I was concentrated on myself my friends and our relationship, fantasy books (reading Hobbit and Lord of the Rings again and again), and drawing comics with little creatures, which my mum still keep in a box on top of her cupboard. Not the creatures, of course, the comics.

Now I like to believe I see the real things as they are. I have to see it, because now I am a responsible grown up. We all have to. But sometimes, especially when I am walking around with my kids I enjoy to look through my personal kaleidoscope. Then I can turn this:


into this:


see more transformations

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January 16, 2017 / 20:31
More than 4 years ago

My scarves arrived

So, FINALLY!!! Arrived my silk scarves. Right now you can order them only from me (just write a comment or by email), or buy them at Tel Aviv Museum in Vitrina shop.

where to buy the scarves MY SHOP

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September 29, 2015 / 14:05
More than 5 years ago

Family Paint master class

dear friends! I’ve prepared a master-class «Little Monsters’ Garden» for the upcoming Tel Aviv event «Family Paint» 30/9-3/10 — where you can make your own creatures from old book papers and parts of my paintings. Hope to see you there — with kids!


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May 7, 2015 / 22:32
More than 6 years ago

my tattoo

Well, ok, it is not a real tattoo. I doubt I’ll ever have one. It is because I have a problem to commit to only one image :) But I would like to see myself with some tattoos I designed. And this is a first one:


I put a printable file here, in case someone wants to make it for real. And if you do it, send me a photo, please :)

monster tattoo file

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December 10, 2013 / 22:46
More than 7 years ago

Google open gallery project

45 participants were chosen for the official launch of new Google Open Gallery project. From Israel — Sommer gallery and… me! :)


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February 26, 2013 / 15:49
More than 8 years ago

Odd children umbrella

I printed two umbrellas at Artscow, and they are made at surprisingly nice quality.


Michelle with an odd children umbrella

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October 26, 2012 / 15:22
More than 8 years ago



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July 25, 2012 / 10:54
More than 8 years ago

framed gold :)


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July 8, 2012 / 14:48
More than 8 years ago

fabrics, fabrics, fabrics

I’ve started a new collaboration with a costume designer from Moscow, Nadejda Russ. Nadejda designs all the costumes for amazing circus show «Legend» of brothers Zapashny. She doesn’t come from the «classic» fashion design, and I’m fascinated by her creative ideas. Now we work on an urban fashion project, where my part is to create fabrics based on my art.

Today I made the first print tries. I never before made fabrics, it is interesting and I learn a lot.


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September 6, 2011 / 08:12
More than 9 years ago

facebook page

I’ve finally created a Facebook page «Lena Revenko: the art place» and everybody is welcome!


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June 2, 2008 / 23:37
More than 12 years ago

My Secret Face

Last year my friend, industrial designer Inbal Musai and me created a jewelery brand «MySecretFace». The idea was to make something partly hidden, therefore more private and personal (hm, I see I deal a lot with «secrets» recently…) Inbal created beautiful shapes from porcelain, and I made illustrations for them:


more about the project


Tags: collaboration, handmade, my friends, my projects

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